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Pastor D. Mohan has won and the Assemblies of God lost

14 Sep

Letter from a Nobody to the AGI Leaders

Dear Leaders of the AGI,

Greetings !

Though I am a nobody in the AGI , there can be thousands of nobodies like me who share the same concern as I have about the sudden twist in the AGI administrational set up from 22nd and 23rd August 2012.

The voice that echoed in the AGI Conference of 22nd and 23rd August is that the Holy Spirit told you leaders that the system prevalent , especially about the election of officers was wrong and the new system you and your prophets advocated is right in the sight of God . This raises some very serious questions. According to your own argument, you became leaders through that faulty system that God does not approve of and you were anxious to change. When you knew that it is not a system approved by God, why didn’t you resign as you are illegitimate leaders elected by a system which God is not pleased with . On the contrary , you wholeheartedly accepted it and all these years none of you expressed any regret of being a leader through such a system nor did you apologize to the AG community in general for being illegitimate leaders in the sight of the Holy Spirit. Does it not mean that in the heart of heart what you mean is as long as you are elected and you can be in the position, it does not mean anything whatever system elected you. Your problem seems to be that,that system can vote you out also and that someone whom you don’t like can also be elected in to that position. In short, if the system can change you, then that system should be changed. The whole drama of 22nd and 23rd August through your emotional manipulations,fake spiritual exercises by  your well trained prophets were nothing but manipulations to hide your hidden motives.  In fact you were deceiving the innocent members of the Conference who trusted you without realising what was happening.

It is a shame that most of the General Superintendents and District Superintends also kept quiet while the AG is being destroyed by the vested interest of a few who also wanted to remain in their chairs for longer periods like 6 or 4 years without having to face the challenge of being thrown out for their misdeeds. . When I see your six year term I am reminded of Joseph Stalin about whom it is said that a few years before he dropped down dead by a stroke, he ordered the Scientists and Doctors to research and find our treatment and medicine that he may live longer if not for ever.

At least in my understanding you are obsessed of power. Power has addiction. You cannot live without it now and also that you don’t want to share it with anyone else who is not in your immediate circle. Hope you have heard of what Lord Acton said “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  It is very difficult for you to give up power now and you are terribly afraid of a free and open election. It appears the very purpose of this out of turn Conference is because of your fear to face a free election. All the spiritual looking drama enacted during the conference through your emotional scenes, supra-spiritual exercises were nothing but cheap manoeuvring for achieving this dictatorial powers for you. The innocent people were deceived by the spiritual drama and crocodile tears of leaders. Most of them who fell before the drama are now understanding their being so simple in that hour. Some of you pretended to be super spiritual has the rare distinction of toppling other leaders from the very beginning of your carrier but now claim that the leopard has changed its spots and many simpletons believed it !

Your addiction to power and position is not going to decrease it is only going to increase. Others fasting and prayers will not help you. I would suggest a six years de-addiction programme for you to save yourself and the AGI.Yes! you need serious de-addiction treatment . If not what you are going to do will be, you will not be satisfied with 6 year term, you will go for 8 and then 12 and then Life time and then to pass it on, on a hereditary basis

We who are born and brought up in the AG and tried to serve God through the AG without any desire of climbing in the ladder of leadership consider this Conference as a tragedy. While some of you started good but taste of power drew you to addiction, some of you it seems, chose AG just for your own position. Both the group now feel that the General body is their enemy as you can be voted out and that’s why the power of the General body is taken away.

As you very well know, you have used all sorts of cunningness to achieve your goals. More than 80% of the voters do not understand English. You have money for everything including to call for an out of turn conference (if it is in Chennai)   but you did not care to translate and make the draft constitution available in the languages of more than 80% of the voters who do not know English. To them all that was available about this new constitution was the speeches of your well trained prophets for it, the super spiritual looking gestures including the crocodile tears and your cunning presentation of those who tried to save the AG from the claws of emerging dictators as rebels and unspiritual.

Further I would like to let you know that you stand exposed as inefficient as far as the general administration of the AGI is concerned. There are many properties of the AG, may be several hundreds of thousands of rupees worth, now most of them are becoming private properties of those individuals because of the negligence of leadership. It appears that you consider that your work is only to rule over the meek, simple and unquestioning pastors of the AGI and nothing to do with the properties belonging to the AGI. You have chosen to look the other way when it is being encroached. May be because

1) You think it is unspiritual

2) It requires hard work

3) It may hurt even some of the AG leaders

4) It may affect your election prospect

5) May be you think that it is bought by easy money from abroad

6) You don’t have a clue as to what to be done

7) You don’t have time after focusing on the works that will secure your election prospects. I understand that you have enough time for marriages and funerals (if you are the main attraction there).

We, though nobodies of the AG feel that a tragedy has happened as someone after attending the conference said “Pastor D. Mohan has won and the Assemblies of God lost.”

I believe that God has his own ways of saving the Assemblies of God from the claws of these emerging dictators. Let’s wait and see what He does.

Ezekiel Joshua

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